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Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation

The Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation is responsible for creating strategies and
structures that help lead people toward spiritual transformation. This includes
developing an assimilation strategy, creating varied transformational environments, and
defining curriculum and resources for those new to faith to those mature in their faith.
Ultimately, the goal is to provide resources and environments which lead toward life

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develop or assist in developing an overall vision for spiritual formation at Grace Chapel
  • Oversee, assist, and encourage lay leaders and staff toward the vision of spiritual transformation
  • Create pathways and environments for those new to faith as well as those mature in their faith to grow their relationship with God and others.
  • Develop or assemble resources and curriculum that lead people toward spiritual transformation.
  • Oversee men’s, woman’s, and other ministries to ensure unity toward the vision.
  • Come alongside our community group leadership to ensure we are working toward spiritual transformation
  • Work closely with staff and leadership to ensure alignment toward spiritual formation
  • Able and willing to preach several times throughout the year Competencies
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in pastoral, Bible or ministry related field.
  • Broad knowledge of, and value for, differing forms of spiritual formation for a diverse spiritual community of new and maturing believers.
  • Forward thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills and biblical conflict management
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships with those
  • inside and outside the church
  • Proven success at multi-tasking, time management, organization, and prioritizing.
  • Works well as a part of a team while being self-motivated

Personal Qualities
  • Must be a committed Christian with deep spiritual and moral convictions
  • Feels a strong calling to the ministry of spiritual formation
  • Demonstrates spiritual leadership and transformational living within their life,
  • marriage and family
  • Has a high relational awareness and is committed to relational growth
  • Agrees with the statement of faith, vision and philosophy of Grace Chapel

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